Basic Head Sketch: $15  – Grey Scale/$25 – Full Colour


Full Body Sketch (one character/no or limited background) $45 -Grey Scale/$60 Full Colour
Additional Characters– $10 per additional character Grey Scale / $15 additional character each Full Colour

BlackScience Galactus

All pieces are done on 9″ X 12″ bristol board. Additional charges for shipping and handling. All prices in Canadian dollars (CAD).

Questions/Comments/Orders can all be sent to JamesZintel(at)gmail(dot)com

Things I won’t do:
Caricature/likeness (not my strongest area, also a pain)
Anything sexually explicit/pornographic (personal choice)
Logo/Graphic Design: I am more than willing to do these types of jobs but they carry a different pricing structure. Email for more details.